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I'm excited to share my newly published book with you!  It's called, "When Your WAIT Becomes Your WEIGHT."  


Many of us, if not all, have cried out to God for one thing or another, yet the answer has been complete SILENCE from the One who loves us most.  What do we do with that?  How do we keep from getting discouraged?  How do we carry on when our humanness tells us to simply give up?  


Ultimately, we must realize that God has PURPOSELY designed our times of wait to draw us closer to Him.   This study will encourage you to long for God while cultivating a life of prayer, trust, obedience, acceptance, transformation, and more.  Learn to become DESPERATE for the face of God, rather than the hand of God.

This book can be read chapter by chapter or it can be done as a small group/Bible Study, as there are discussion questions at the end of each chapter to help readers reflect and GROW deeper in their personal relationship with God.


Don't waste your wait...EMBRACE it to the full!

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