Below are some topics I've offered for various spiritual events and gatherings including retreats, seminars, conferences, brunches and workshops:

  • Waiting Upon the Lord When You’re Desperate for Answers

  • Being Filled to Overflowing

  • Becoming a Godly Wife

  • Ordinary Me — Extraordinary God

  • Being A Mighty Warrior for Christ

  • Forgiveness

  • Blessed by Brokenness

  • Persevering When You’re Tired from the Journey

  • Learning What God Will Do for You

The following list includes Bible Studies I've lead for various women's groups:

  • Missing Pieces (by: Jennifer Rothschild)

  • Fingerprints of God (by: Jennifer Rothschild)

  • Forgotten God (by: Francis Chan)

  • Becoming a Woman of Grace (by: Cynthia Heald)

  • Becoming a Woman of Simplicity (by: Cynthia Heald)

  • Lies Women Believe (by: Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

  • When Your Wait Becomes Your Weight (by: Amy Rauman)

  • Jonah (by: Amy Rauman & Joanne Altman)

  • Contentment (by: Juanita Purcell)

  • Forgiveness (by: Juanita Purcell)

  • Gideon (by: Priscilla Shirer)

  • He Speaks to Me (by: Priscilla Shirer)

  • Discerning the Voice of God (by: Priscilla Shirer)

  • Duty or Delight (by: Tammie Head)

  • Believing God (by: Beth Moore)

  • Breaking Free (by: Beth Moore)

  • Esther (by: Beth Moore)

  • To Live is Christ (by: Beth Moore)

  • Living Beyond Yourself:  Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit (by: Beth Moore)

  • Faithful, Abundant, True (by: Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore)

  • Life Principles from Women of the Bible (by: Wayne Barber, Eddie Rasnake, Richard Shepherd)

I'm passionate about providing spiritual nourishment and encouragement to individuals desiring to grow deeper in their relationship with God.  I've shared God’s Word to women of all ages for over 20 years and have had opportunities to teach through many different venues including Bible Studies, Sunday School classes, retreats, seminars, conferences and workshops.  I enjoy sharing Scripture in ways that impact listeners to not only hear God’s Word but also apply it to their lives.  I am an author, speaker, teacher and student of God’s Word.