I enjoy speaking to a variety of groups regarding leadership and personal growth opportunities, whether it be professional businesses or spiritual organizations.  Examples of the topics I've provided for each venue can be viewed by clicking on the link of your choice below: 

Business Organization Topics or Spiritual Organization Topics

The time frame for various speaking engagements can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes up to 5 hours, depending on the topics and needs of a specific group.  Trainings can be divided into multiple workshops over a period of time, if needed.


Group sizes can range from just a few people to over one hundred.  I've had opportunities to conduct face-to-face trainings in classroom settings, conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, etc.  I've also presented workshops online through IVC (Internet Video Conferencing) in order to reach wide groups of people simultaneously.

If you're interested in discussing your training needs, please feel free to fill out the

CONTACT form though this website, call me at 920-279-5809, or email me at: raumancoaching@gmail.com  

I welcome the opportunity to talk with you.